About Us

Who is The Royal St.Lucian Seamoss Company?

Greetings.. my name is Julien Jean-Pierre and I am the Co-founder of The Royal St.Lucian Seamoss Company. I am originally from Toronto, Canada, but I now live part time in St.Lucia. This is the story about how the Royal St.Lucian Seamoss Company got started.  


For me it all started when I got reintroduced to Seamoss around Summer of 2019 .. I always knew about Seamoss growing up but mainly knew it as a male enhancement tool, lol.. I had no idea about it health benefits.. When I started consuming it on a regular basis in 2019. It was really hard to find any good quality Seamoss anywhere..Nobody I knew was making the Gel and so I would have to get my Gel from an older Jamaican lady who lived on the other side of Toronto.

I eventually started talking to her about her Seamoss and where she gets it and how she buys it. I quickly discovered that she didn't really have a good source..She was getting her Seamoss at the local Caribbean grocery store and they sold it only in 4oz packs!

I did more research to learn where you can buy Seamoss and I soon found out that St.Lucia has some of the best Seamoss available in the world.. At the time I was already planning a trip to St.Lucia to look at exporting honey..(I am also a beekeeper) So I figured I would buy some Seamoss and bring it back for me and my friends to share.

Well when I got to St.Lucia, it wasn’t as easy as I had thought..  I was lost for weeks trying to find a good source for Seamoss.. Nobody wanted to help me find a Seamoss Farmer to work with unless they were getting a cut from the sale and it wasn’t like farmers were walking hearing hats saying “Hey! I am a Seamoss Farmer”.. lol. I was eventually introduced to my business partner by a family friend. Who told he was the best person to talk to about Seamoss.. and he wasn’t lying…

We met late one night soon after and we hit it off instantly. We realized after talking that we had met before on some of my previous trips to St.Lucia and that we were not actually strangers…. We talked more about the Seamoss industry, how hard it is to get good high quality Seamoss on a consistent basis and the lack of customer service given by most people in the Seamoss industry… and so it was then that we decided to start a business doing just that.. Sourcing and selling the best Seamoss we can find on the island while offering some of the best Customer service possible... The Royal St.Lucian Seamoss Company was born!

 It's been a lot of Blood, Sweat and Tears building this new business, but we believe that we have quickly grown into one of the best sources for getting consistently high quality Seamoss from St.Lucia and even the World. Unlike other sellers who only work with 1 or maybe 2 farmers, we have access to a lot of farmers. We currently work with and buy from over 30 different Seamoss farmers in St.Lucia. Many of these farmers have been farming Seamoss since the 70’s!  We also work closely with and by from all the registered Seamoss Associations in St.Lucia and we have several farms that we have either partnered with other farmers or we fully own ourselves.   

What this means to you the customer, is that we have access to a lot of supply

and our Seamoss is always of higher quality than most other places.. We also practise fair trade practices and we pay at or better than market price. This way of doing business means we more fair to the farmers and helps ensure we always have a steady supply to good quality Seamoss.. From 1lbs to 5000lbs. We can provide almost any amount you need. We also have 2 fulfillment locations in North America, one in Toronto and one in Atlanta. Having these locations allows us to quickly and affordably ship your Seamoss. Place your order knowing it will only take days and not weeks to arrive.

Many customers report getting their Seamoss in as little as 3 days from placing their order. We are currently in the process of opening fulfilment locations in the United Kingdom and Bermuda. We can also ship world wide and have already successfully delivered Seamoss to countries like Poland, Croatia, and Australia.


We love and are very passionate about Seamoss.. Its what we do every day.. Its our life.


If you have any questions or concerns about our Seamoss or you would just like to pick our brains about Seamoss, just shoot us a message or email me personally at Reachjulien@stlucianseamoss.co